Mission & Values

The AUE FON University is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by providing exceptional education, fostering innovation, and embracing a set of core values that prioritize academic excellence, ethical integrity, and the cultivation of leadership skills for global impact.

Our Mission

AUE – FON is a twenty-first century higher education institution that provides visitors with a progressive and advanced way of thinking, and according to the UN 2030 agenda, it encourages critical thinking, adaptability, diversity, and sustainability.


of our students successfully graduate and begin their career development.

Our Vision

To accelerate the progress of society by maintaining the status of the best-established learning environment, which continuously preserves and conveys knowledge for the benefit of the wisdom of mankind.

Our Values:


DEDICATED to the success of our students


QUALITY by establishing modern educational programs that follow the needs and requirements of modern society


IMPACT on the development of society


CREATIVITY that is reflected in our openness to new ideas


INTEGRITY with ethical behaviors in the overall interaction and establishment of performance that leads to the achievement of academic and career goals


EMPATHY that is reflected in the improvement of the human condition and personal development of our community